What shall I do?

I know I want to run a 5k and half marathon. Okay, so I want to run, but I will end up power walking instead. Maybe try out some new ethnic cuisines. Travel to some new spots. Try some new classes. Support a new charity. Some may be exciting adventures, some may be boring. I welcome your suggestions for something new to try.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Can I do it?

I think I can.  Starting this coming Friday, my 50th birthday I will attempt to do 50 new things throughout the following year.  The hardest part may actually be thinking of 50 things, not doing them.  I'm hoping I don't have to resort to bungee jumping or sky diving, but I don't want them to be too boring either.  I may be able to splurge on an item or two (a cruise perhaps?), but most will need to be within my very limited budget.  I will try not to repeat things, such as seeing new movies or reading new books.  I will make an exception for travel though.  I hope to see as many new places as possible.  I'd really like to hit all 50 states this year as well.  I'll try and knock off as many as I can.  Maybe I need to concentrate on the states I haven't visited yet and then I can say I have visited all 50 by 50.  So follow my blog and watch my progress for all things 50.


  1. Vermont. Learn how to tap their Maple trees to make some killer Maple syrup. Pretty exciting, eh?

  2. Great idea! I may adopt it as my own 50th birthday draws nigh...

    I notice Arkansas is on your list of states to visit. If you decide to head that way, let me know, and I'll tell you about a couple of can't-miss places to see.

    Maybe some of your new things can involve stay-at-home stuff like fixing a new dish. Ever made a souffle? Your own pie crust? Beef Wellington? Go through a Julia Child cookbook or the Joy of Cooking and pull out some recipes you've never tried.

    You could take some classes, too. Ever learned to tapdance? Make pottery? Knit? Check out your local community college or adult education center and see what's out there.

    Have an EXCELLENT time!