What shall I do?

I know I want to run a 5k and half marathon. Okay, so I want to run, but I will end up power walking instead. Maybe try out some new ethnic cuisines. Travel to some new spots. Try some new classes. Support a new charity. Some may be exciting adventures, some may be boring. I welcome your suggestions for something new to try.

Friday, March 11, 2011

#1 Happy Birthday to Me...

It's here...I am 50 and fabulous!  So to treat myself I stayed up late and waited for the iPad2 to go on sale.  It seemed to me fate that it was to be released on my birthday.  Destiny awaited me.  At 1:32 am MST I joined the iPad generation.  While it won't be here for 3-5 business days, it is the first step towards learning a new piece of technology and #1 on my list.  Of course I promptly felt regret at the purchase.  The Mom in me always thinks I should have spent the money on the kids, even though they have had their own iPads for months.  Tim has had one almost from the beginning.  My friends post on facebook from their iPads.  I even used one to tour an art exhibit.  They were everywhere I went, taunting me.  I have been green with envy (which is the color of my new case btw).  No matter how much I wanted one I couldn't justify spending that kind of dough on a new toy for me.  But a 50th birthday only comes once, so Happy Birthday to Me!

After 4 hours of sleep, the rest of the day was nice enough.  A much needed pedicure and manicure.  A visit to Nordstroms shoe store.  And I picked up dinner at Red Lobster and some Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory.  Now it's off to the airport to pick up my baby girl.  It's been a pretty good day.  One down, #49 to go.


  1. Hurray for you, joining us iPaders!
    I still need to go to a workshop or two but if you have Ariel coming home, she will be your tutor. Enjoy your time together!
    So glad you survived the big birthday! Hugs!


    It sounds like you had a wonderful birthday. Congratulations on completing #1 of 50. You deserved to treat yourself to the iPad ... so enjoy it. Hope you and Ariel have a great time during her visit. I look forward to watching over the next year as you knock out #2 - #49.

  3. Happy birthday!!
    Congrats on the iPad. The kids tried one out at Best buy just before Christmas and decided that it was super cool.
    Didn't it come in purple?