What shall I do?

I know I want to run a 5k and half marathon. Okay, so I want to run, but I will end up power walking instead. Maybe try out some new ethnic cuisines. Travel to some new spots. Try some new classes. Support a new charity. Some may be exciting adventures, some may be boring. I welcome your suggestions for something new to try.

Wee Forest Folk

If you see a reference in this blog about Wee Forest Folk or mice or mousers this is what I am referring to.  I both sell and collect miniature mouse figurines called Wee Forest Folk.  I have a booth at the Quilted Bear Mall in Midvale, but the bulk of my business is on ebay or internet sales. Check them out at my website, www.whenthecatsaway.com.  I have over 2,000 in my own collection, but need to sell some of those off as I have no room to display them all!

This charming collectible is made in Concord, Massachusetts.  How often do you find something made entirely in the USA?  They are mostly mice and a few other woodland creatures doing human stuff.  I make miniatures and displays for them under the name Of Mice & Minis.  I also have put on a convention in San Luis Obispo, California for them each year since 1994.  I have met a lot of nice folks over the years through these little critters.  Mousers are the best!