What shall I do?

I know I want to run a 5k and half marathon. Okay, so I want to run, but I will end up power walking instead. Maybe try out some new ethnic cuisines. Travel to some new spots. Try some new classes. Support a new charity. Some may be exciting adventures, some may be boring. I welcome your suggestions for something new to try.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

#2 - An easy one...

#2 was an easy item to check off the list...went and saw a new movie, Battle Los Angeles.  Ok, so I have seen movies before, but not THIS movie.  And if it was a dud I wouldn't have counted it.  It was, however, awesome.  The beginning 1/2 hour I was thinking how disappointing the movie was from the previews. Then the action started and it was intense.  Ariel described it as Independence Day, Cloverfield and District 9 all rolled into one.  There was even clapping from the audience when the credits rolled so we weren't the only ones entertained.  If you like action, a little horror and a feel good ending then I recommend you see this movie, you'll enjoy it.  Now on to #3...

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  1. Ok,.. so you say #2 was easy.... So,.. couldn't you have tackled a KING size movie popcorn,.. to make this task more complicated?? Just kidding,... I am glad you enjoyed the movie.