What shall I do?

I know I want to run a 5k and half marathon. Okay, so I want to run, but I will end up power walking instead. Maybe try out some new ethnic cuisines. Travel to some new spots. Try some new classes. Support a new charity. Some may be exciting adventures, some may be boring. I welcome your suggestions for something new to try.

Monday, January 30, 2012

#27 - The Meetup and the Piano Man...

Make that Piano Men.  In the fall Tim and I had a serious talk about how we needed to improve our social life.  Working from home cuts down on the number of people you interact with and you start to accept the isolation.  Previously our groups of friends tended to come from our children's activities, but they have now flown the nest and those friendships have drifted away.  Family is too far away for any kind of social activity as are our closest friends from softball and mousing around.  So in order to become more social and expand our circle locally we have started dating of sorts.

Last year with the kids at school and Tim working away in Connecticut I discovered meetup.com. It's a lovely website where people can start groups based on a common interest and others can join in.  I became a member of several groups just to get me out of the house, though I rarely went to any of the meet ups they had.  There is a wide variety of people looking to get together and I joined a photography, poker, game night, dining, over 40 and movie groups.  We've met some nice people at these meet ups.  Although I confess I was a little uncomfortable at the movies during a humorous adult scene that made me howl with laughter while a pastor in the group was seated next to me.

We met a couple at one of our groups and decided to meet outside the group to get to know each other better.  Going "out" presents a challenge for people our age.  We think we are young and hip and cool, but are constantly reminded by our children that we are the most uncool beings on earth. So we needed to think outside our normal box of dinner, ice cream and then home to bed.  Tim had heard about a dueling piano bar uptown.  In fact Salt Lake has TWO dueling piano bars.  Who would have thought that?  So we chose the Tavernacle and headed there after dinner with our meet up friends.

This being my first dueling piano bar, I wasn't sure what to expect.  The format worked this way. There were request slips on the tables.  You could suggest they play any song for free, but your suggestion was bumped to a request if a tip was included.  The bigger the tip the quicker it was played.  But there was a twist...if you hated a song being played you could get them to stop if you paid $1 more than the original tip.  If they stopped a song (and they paid to stop several) you could add another dollar to the total and get it restarted.  Either no one loved their song enough to get it started again for double the price or they were too embarrassed to admit they were the ones who requested it in the first place.

From 9-11 the songs were PG-13.  C Lo Green's song would have been Forget You if it had been played at that time.  Instead it was played after 11 and most of the patrons sang along to the more bawdy chorus.  There were quite a few groups there celebrating birthdays and one bachelorette party. The piano men bantered, told jokes, and had audience members up on the stage to perform various antics.  The only duel though seemed to be which piano player collected the most tips.

Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it and these guys played it well. Overall we had a great time.  It was entertaining and we got to let our hair down without buying any of those $8 drinks at the bar.  My only complaint was one of my songs, with a $5 tip attached, never got played.  I'm not sure if those who were drinking were tipping higher as their common sense faded or if I just got lost in the shuffle.  But even with the awol request it was a pleasure to see the ivories tickled along with our funny bones.  While it wasn't classical, to quote Arnold..."I'll be Bach"...

Sunday, January 8, 2012

#26...You can have your cake and eat it too...if they are cupcakes!

I am a cupcake aficionado.  However, this enthusiasm has been formerly contained to the act of eating cupcakes.  I am the target cupcake customer and I have frequented many a shop in my lifetime.  Hell, I frequented two just in the past week!  But I have yet to find the ultimate cupcake, that perfect combination of cake and toppings that fills your mouth with an orgasm in every bite.  Oh I have come close, but if the cake is too die for, the frosting is too sweet.  Or if the icing is perfection, the cake is too dry.  There always seems to be one element missing from my ideal and so the quest continues.

Now making my own cupcakes is another matter.  I love a bake shop cake, but the box mixes leave me flat.  However, the ease of a box mix can't be beat.  You see, as much as I love to experiment in the kitchen to recreate meals I have seen or eaten or just to come up with something on my own, I HATE TO BAKE!  Did I say I hate to bake?  I can not stress enough how much I hate baking!  Oh, I can do cookies and brownies fine enough.  Even my pies are not too bad.  But cakes take precise ingredients to come out as they should.  I don't do precise.  I don't follow recipes.  I add a little of this and a pinch of that.  That works out fine with a cookie or pie, but it can spell disaster for a cake. Thus I have avoided baking one from scratch since home ec.  And I have never tried cupcakes from scratch.

The research took longer than the actual baking. I looked at dozens of recipes and couldn't make a decision.  I'm a bit picky about how my cupcakes should taste.  I like it dense, flavorful and super moist.  None of these dry fluffy cakes for me.  But you can't tell that from a recipe...at least I can't. Then I was hit with inspiration.  My favorite cake is a coffee cake so why not make coffee cake cupcakes.  I settled on the second recipe I found.

I must confess I still could not stick to the recipe.  It seems I have a problem with authority, especially in the kitchen. No one is going to tell me what to do, even if it is a recipe.  I had two over-ripe bananas that were just begging me to be added to the batter, so I threw them in the mixer.  And if you look at the photos, the ones with frosting and the streusel on top are how they are supposed to look.  But on one batch I just threw the streusel on top of the batter and let it cook in, more like a traditional coffee cake.  The original recipe with the frosting tasted better as the streusel was more of the star of the cupcake.  I'm pleased to say my cupcakes were deliciously moist with a nice bit of banana flavor.  I did pretty good for my first ever cupcakes from scratch.

One of my dreams has always been to own a cupcake truck that goes to various locales to sell the delicious treats.  But the reality is I would enjoy testing and selling them, but would still hate baking them.  So a more realistic dream would be for me to have a pie truck.  I can taste test, sell and bake little pies and hopefully gain more dollars than weight doing so.  Of course, my star pie would be made from imported olallieberries from the central coast.  Nothing beats an olallieberry pie.  And the name of the truck?  Occu-pie Salt Lake City...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

#25...The Ironman and me...

In November I completed an Ironman competition.  Yes, it is true.  I have the t-shirt to prove it.  For those who do not know what an Ironman is, you must bike 112 miles, swim 2.4 miles and run a marathon.  Now normally these are all done in the same day.  Thank God the South Jordan Fitness Center saw the wisdom in letting their members have TWO WEEKS to complete theirs.

I had a nice little chart telling me how many segments I should complete each day on average to finish the challenge.  The marathon was the easy part.  We usually walk & jog at least 3 miles a day at the gym, so I didn't even have to go in on weekends for that one.  Two weeks to go 26.2 miles was a breeze.

Swimming 2.4 miles (170 laps) was also no problem over two weeks.  We only have two lanes for laps at our pool so they also allowed you to walk the lazy river around our pool and count it as 2 laps. It was easy to knock out 40 laps in less than an hour.  This was also the most enjoyable of the challenges, as the seniors have morning water aerobics and they keep the pool delightfully warm until 10am.

Biking was the hard part.  And it would have been even harder had I been totally honest.  I admit I cheated a bit.  Well maybe more than a bit.  But while the pool had an easy advantage with the lazy river option, the biking was completely unfair in a gym setting.  You did have the option of riding your own bike and not just the stationary bikes at the gym.  After day one, riding just 6 miles on the bike, I was getting upset.  A gym bike does not allow for coasting.  You are pedaling constantly.  How unfair is that?  Those real ironman competitors get to pedal, then coast while the momentum of the bike continues as they rest their weary legs.  Add a downhill section and they can practically take a nap too.  Not so with the gym bikes. So I fudged a bit.  I doubled the miles I would ride daily to account for coasting.  Some would probably say that was immoral.  I tend to justify it though because a normal triathlon bike ride takes about 5-6 hours.  I put in 11 hours on the stationary bike at the gym and at home, double what a true competitor would have had to accomplish.

Now I am normally a very honest person.  If I am undercharged at a store, I point it out to the clerk. I don't like to lie, even when it is one of those little white lies you say to keep from hurting someone's feelings.  And no matter what Tim says, I do not cheat at board games.  I would much rather win fair and square.  But I also think things should be reasonable and the stationary bike was totally unfair. It appears I can cheat easily when I feel sufficient outrage at an unjust situation.  I'm not sure if my morals are slipping or if they are just aging and getting to that stage where you just don't give a damn anymore, kind of like going out without make-up on.  Either way I'm not going to beat myself up over it.  Just getting to the gym and my age is accomplishment enough...

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#23 & #24...Mum's the word...

Some new things are best left unsaid.  #23 was something my closest friends know about, but not something I want in print because my kids find it embarrassing.  They don't seem to understand that it is a parents job TO embarrass their kids.  But I am caving in to the pressure as they will be choosing my rest home soon enough.  I'll just say it involved a surgical procedure that was not nearly as embarrassing as the one I had a few months before I turned 50 IMO.  That one involved not being able to sit down comfortably for a few days.

#24?  I'm not even going to venture into trying to explain this one, but it was something very different from my usual routine.  It's not embarrassing at all, just the kind of thing that is personal and if shared is TMI.

I think I could probably add another 5 or 6 things to the list I have done in the past year that are of a more private nature, but I'll try and keep doing things you can read about, instead of wonder about...