What shall I do?

I know I want to run a 5k and half marathon. Okay, so I want to run, but I will end up power walking instead. Maybe try out some new ethnic cuisines. Travel to some new spots. Try some new classes. Support a new charity. Some may be exciting adventures, some may be boring. I welcome your suggestions for something new to try.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

#23 & #24...Mum's the word...

Some new things are best left unsaid.  #23 was something my closest friends know about, but not something I want in print because my kids find it embarrassing.  They don't seem to understand that it is a parents job TO embarrass their kids.  But I am caving in to the pressure as they will be choosing my rest home soon enough.  I'll just say it involved a surgical procedure that was not nearly as embarrassing as the one I had a few months before I turned 50 IMO.  That one involved not being able to sit down comfortably for a few days.

#24?  I'm not even going to venture into trying to explain this one, but it was something very different from my usual routine.  It's not embarrassing at all, just the kind of thing that is personal and if shared is TMI.

I think I could probably add another 5 or 6 things to the list I have done in the past year that are of a more private nature, but I'll try and keep doing things you can read about, instead of wonder about...

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