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Monday, July 11, 2011

#15 - The Baskin Robbins Challenge

OK...so this may have been motivated by my intense love affair with ice cream, but these two sundaes are new and only available for a limited time.  It seemed only reasonable that this would make a very tasty and enjoyable new experience.

I hit Baskin Robbins a few weeks back for a mint & chip shake and the flavor of the month, Super Soldier Swirl, caught my eye.  I asked for a sample and was pleasantly surprised that the vanilla ice cream with blue chips and a cherry swirl was delicious. Even more appealing was the signage showing two new limited time sundaes available as part of the upcoming Captain America movie promotion.  While it looked good, I was craving that mint & chip shake and that was what I ordered.

Perhaps it was fate that later that week the BR facebook page had a link for a Captain America game.  While I was not an instant winner, the losers get a coupon.  That days coupon was a BOGO for 99 cents on the promotional sundaes.  Now my plan was forming.  Tim was in town and I suggested a trip to BR for dessert.  I was going to use a tactic he often employs when we eat out.  He asks what I am having and then orders something else so he can eat two dinners.  This would work rather well for him, except I am one of the most indecisive people on this planet when faced with food choices and usually do not make a choice until forced to do so by the wait staff.

I knew that Tim would go for the chocolate Hydra Force Sundae, leaving me the freedom to choose the Super-Soldier Sundae and have a sample of them both.  Wrong. He asked if you could use it on another sundae.  You could and he ordered something else.  I opted for the Hydra Force, but asked for chocolate syrup instead of hot fudge. It had chocolate mousse ice cream, brownie bits and chocolate chips in addition to the syrup.  It was 1010 calories of pure heaven and so rich I couldn't even finish it.  But the challenge would not be complete without tasting the Super Soldier Sundae for comparison.  Even though it was only 560 calories, I still needed a weeks time between to justify adding it to my diet, which I did on Saturday.  The Super Soldier Sundae was made from Super Soldier Swirl ice cream, with cake bits and strawberry topping.

In between the consumption of each sundae, I did some research.  I'm not a Marvel Comics fan and while I vaguely remember Captain America as a cartoon character, I was totally unfamiliar with him.  It was obvious he was a superhero, but I had no idea to what the Hydra Force referred to.  Hydra, I learned, is the evil organization bent on world domination.   I gather from the comics that it does not do too well as good always triumphs over evil.  I think they have been using the wrong tactics.  They could easily obtain world domination just through the Hydra Force Sundae.  And while the Super Soldier Sundae was good, for this challenge I would say that evil triumphs over good big-time in a sinfully chocolate treat as the Hydra Force Sundae totally dominated my world.  But in the interest of patriotism, I may need to sample one more before they are no longer available just to be sure...

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