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Saturday, April 16, 2011

#7 - Going Green...

I never minded sharing the mowing responsibilities when we had a walk behind mower. But the move to a 1/3 acre prompted the purchase of a ride-on mower.  I rebelled and refused to mow again.  The thing has always scared me to death.  With 4 dogs, I think I will run over one of them.  I also worry I will crash it into something.  I'm short and I can't see directly in front of it.  Not to mention it is just another one of those machines in my garage that requires gas, oil, parts, etc.  And you can't drive your mower to jiffy lube to have some nice young man take care of that for you.

However, the lawn does not seem to appreciate the fact that I am currently left with no man in the house.  It has started growing and won't stop.  I tried to reason with it, but it just laughed at me.  Once again, the laws of nature have overcome all common sense, while the mower sits in my garage with 2 flat tires and a dead battery.  So I did want any modern, self-respecting woman of today would do.  I rolled up my sleeves and drove to Lowes where I promptly purchased a new mower.  But not just any mower.  A chick mower!

What is a chick mower you ask?  Men love engines.  Men love power.  Men love loud noises.  Men love things that smell.  Chicks want something that runs as easy as any other appliance they have picked out for their home.  This new cordless, rechargeable, "green" walk behind mower is now in my garage.  It is the ultimate chick mower.  Well, maybe not ultimate.  I saved the $100 bucks by not buying a self propelled model.  But almost ultimate.

It is sleek.  It is easy.  It is cool.  It is hip.  OK, it's a mower.  But a sleek, easy, hip, cool mower.    All I have to do is charge it for 4 hours and it is good to mow my 1/3 acre in one charge.  I push a button, grab the handle and the blade starts up and purrs like a kitten.  The neighbors won't even know I am mowing the lawn on a Sunday, which can get you arrested in Utah.  The one lever wheel adjust was pretty nifty.  It tackled even the highest grass like a dream.  And no need for the rear bagger because it mulches. There were no smelly fumes and no future maintenance is required. But I saved the best for last.  It folds up!  Just unlock the handle and fold it back over the machine til it locks in place, then flip it up on it's rear wheels to store.  Takes up less space than my kitchen garbage can.  

Being green was not the reason for the purchase, but it is a green product with no exhaust fumes being spewed at mother earth.  Sure, it uses electricity, which is produced by ozone killing electrical plants, but that's just semantics.  Whatever the reason, I love it.  The only downside was saving the $100 for the push model, which was in stock.  It may be going back to be exchanged for the self-propelled model which will need to be ordered.  I'm thinking the extra $100 will be worth it come July 31 when it is 100 degrees in the early morning.  

So I am sold.  Cordless, rechargeable is my new thing.  The weed whacker is next. Come winter I may spring for a cordless snow blower.  The gas cans that have gas and gas/oil mix can remain untouched until one of the men decides to return home and wants to feel an engine between their legs.  But this chick is going green and loving it...

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  1. We recently bought a battery-powered hedge trimmer and an edger. They work great, but the charge doesn't last long enough to suit my husband...about 45 minutes to an hour per battery, depending on usage and power level. I think the lack of noise makes up for that inconvenience.

    Have fun with your mower! (And, yes, you will definitely want the self-propelled model. Go back and get it now.)